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Conference 2012 Program

Participants can download the presentations here with the username and password they received. The presentations can be found after the name of the speaker. When it states N.A. either no slides were used or we have no permission to disclose them.

12 December 2012

Registration & Coffee
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speakers
Speakers:Mr Hassan Al-Sayyed, Assistant Secretary General of the Supreme Council of ICTQatar and Qnbn Board MemberPresentation:N.A.
Mr Brahima Sanou, Director BDT - ITUPresentation:N.A.
Ms Suvi Lindén, Special Envoy for the Broadband Commission for Digital Development - ITUPresentation:N.A.
Mr Faris Awartani, Chairman of FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
The Government Initiatives for Connecting the MENA Region (Panel)
The Government Initiatives for Connecting the MENA Region (Panel)

With the world's main objective to connect the unconnected, governments in MENA region play a crucial role to promote and facilitate the deployment of FTTH and FTTX as part of their initiatives. This includes their future plans for developing the necessary frameworks to encourage the FTTH investments and deployments, and Public Private Partnerships initiatives. In this session, panellists will discuss examples of government initiatives in the world, the MENA region, and how the MENA region governments can benefit from the experiences of other regions in developing their strategies.   

Moderator:Faris Awartani, Chairman FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Alexandre Serot, TRA BahrainPresentation:N.A.
Ebrahim Al Haddad, ITU Regional Arab DirectorPresentation:N.A.
Firas Abi-Nassif, Advisor to the Minister of Telecommunications of LebanonPresentation:N.A.
Natalija Gelvanovska, World BankPresentation:Natalija-Gelvanovska.pdf
Suvi Lindén, Special Envoy for the Broadband Commission for Digital Development - ITUPresentation:Suvi-Linden.pdf
Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit
Operators Session (Platinum Sponsors)
Operators Session (Platinum Sponsors)

Operators will show their existing FTTH roll-out achievements along with the services provided. Different models will be presented depending on each operator's strategy from deployment and subscriptions perspectives. 

Moderator:Karim Taga, Arthur D. Little Presentation:N.A.
Speakers:Mohammed Al-Mannai, CEO Q.NBNPresentation:N.A.
Richard Daly, CEO Vodafone QatarPresentation:N.A.
Karim Taga, Arthur D. Little Presentation:N.A.

While Internet heavy usage is done at homes, the need for super fast broadband solutions prevails to answer the different and new fascinating services and applications. With FTTH 100MB and beyond speed, this is just the start to enhance and improve the life of both the residential and business communities. This session will show how fibre is definitely the only symmetrical technology to guarantee the delivery of services like e-Government, e-Learning, e-Health, e-Business, and smart grids; and to ensure a sustainable future.

Moderator:Suleiman Al-Hedaithy, Board Member FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Masahide Migita, NTT JapanPresentation:N.A.
Mohamad Mourad, GooglePresentation:N.A.
Richard Jones, Ventura Team LLPPresentation:Richard-Jones.pdf
Sergio Sandoval, McKinsey & CompanyPresentation:N.A.
FTTH Infrastructure, the Path for a Digital Society
FTTH Infrastructure, the Path for a Digital Society

This session will raise the importance of fibre infrastructure in every nation to increase accessibility through content digitization to the country and to the government information. This session will show the best practices and future trends for efficient FTTH deployment 

Moderator:Gamal Hegazy, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:David Banes, MADA QatarPresentation:David-Banes.pdf
Louay Abou Chanab, Booz & CoPresentation:Louay-Abou-Chanab.pdf
Paolo Sebben, EffectasPresentation:Paolo-Sebben.pdf
Coffee Break
Voice of the Industry (Gold Sponsors)
Voice of the Industry (Gold Sponsors)

Leading vendors will present their FTTH deployment solutions to explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges of the market and consumer needs to connect fibre in urban and rural areas. This will highlight the solutions according to the geography and structure of the country, and according to the homes and rooms structure.

Moderator:Faiq Shahrouri, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Alain Bertaina, Prysmian GroupPresentation:Alain-Bertaina.pdf
Dieter Verdegem, TE ConnectivityPresentation:N.A.
Thomas Martin, CALIXPresentation:Thomas-Martin.pdf

13 December 2012

FTTH Opportunities and Investments in MENA region
FTTH Opportunities and Investments in MENA region

The FTTH market in MENA is witnessing a very dynamic development of fibre projects and ultra-high-speed broadband. This session will give very detailed and deep insights into this market as well as the latest FTTH projects and the FTTH business opportunities in the region. Operators and service providers in the region will show their success stories and business cases.

Moderator:Hosein Badran, Board Member FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Khalid Said, Energya-PTS, EgyptPresentation:Khalid-Said.pdf
Nasser Al Saadon, STC, Saudi ArabiaPresentation:Nasser-Al-Saadon.pdf
Charles Ian Dench, Qtel, QatarPresentation:Charles-Ian-Dench.pdf
The Entertainment World Challenges in the Home
The Entertainment World Challenges in the Home

Ensuring the best quality for video streaming is among the entertainment challenges within the homes and through multiple devices. TV and VOD companies are leading the way for broadcast and broadband possible joint ventures where FTTH is the best solution to ensure HD and 3D streaming and to convert subscribers into the digital model. This session will give an important insight on the content and movies companies' experience with FTTH to deliver the best quality of services.

Moderator:Richard Jones, Ventura Team LLPPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Ben Reneker, SNL KaganPresentation:N.A.
Luke Beermann, IntigralPresentation:Luke-Beerman.pdf
Fares Akkad, MBCPresentation:N.A.
Coffee Break
FTTH Networks Financing and ROI
FTTH Networks Financing and ROI

Financing FTTH networks is an important topic to develop the countries’ economies through creation of digital highways of information. The initiatives and the government’s role are crucial to find the best models and key players such as operators, municipalities and utilities with the best possible financing solutions to implement the national super fast fibre networks. This session will discuss the financing models and the efficient ROI through the marketing and management of FTTH services and subscribers.

Moderator:Jan Schindler, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Luc De Heyn, ComsofPresentation:Luc-De-Heyn.pdf
Martin Kellenberger, R&MPresentation:Martin-Kellenberger.pdf
Jeremy Foster, EricssonPresentation:N.A.
Mohamad Medawar, MaxCellPresentation:Mohamad-Medawar.pdf
Rong Zhao, DETECONPresentation:Rong-Zhao.pdf
Analyst Session: MENA & The World
Analyst Session: MENA and the Global Ranking

FTTH MENA Market Panorama |
This session will show the latest figures of FTTH connections in terms of homes passed and homes subscribed in the region. What are the key factors to enhance this ratio, ensure the necessary sustainability, and reduce churn? It will also examine the specific situation in MENA and the world today and the opportunities and outlook for fibre deployments in the region over the next few years.

Global Ranking and Benchmark in the World-FCGA
The annual ranking from the FTTH Councils Global Alliance provides a benchmark for authorities around the world. In this session, industry analysts will present a complete overview of the worldwide markets for broadband and FTTH, which will show the potential global opportunities.


Moderator:Roland Montagne, IDATEPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Anil Pande, FTTH Council APACPresentation:Anil-Pande.pdf
Roland Montagne, IDATEPresentation:Roland-Montagne.pdf
Nadia Babaali, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:Nadia-Babaali.pdf
PANEL CLOSING DISCUSSION : High Speed Broadband importance in the Regulatory Environment
PANEL CLOSING DISCUSSION: High Speed Broadband Importance in the Regulatory & Economic Environments

The role and importance of FTTH in the economy along with the regulatory challenges will be debated by high level panellists in this closing session.

Moderator:Louay Abou Chanab, Booz & CoPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Dr Amr Badawi, Chairman National Telecom Regulatory Authority, Egypt Presentation:N.A.
Ms.Suvi Linden, Special Envoy for the Broadband Commission for Digital Development & former Minister of Telecom FinlandPresentation:N.A.
Mr Faris Awartani, Chairman FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Mr Paolo Seben, Managing Partner Effectas Qatar & Head of the Smart City Team FTTH Council EuropePresentation:N.A.
Rainer Schnepfleitner, Policy and Economic Affairs, ICTQatar Presentation:N.A.
Hartwig Tauber, Chair Fibre Councils Global AlliancePresentation:N.A.

Another Huge Success!

Another huge success for the 4th year of Fibre to the Home Council Middle East & North Africa annual conferences in Doha, Qatar.
FTTH, the Ultra Fast Broadband for a Future at the Speed of Light in the ICT World.
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